I have been teaching trumpet lessons for the past 18 years and continue to help broaden the minds of young and old students looking to perform better on the trumpet. I began my teachings in Ohio, to Northern and Southern Indiana, New York and New Jersey. After a long stint on faculty at an area Conservatory in New Jersey, I’ve decided to really focus on my home studio along with my teaching at the University of Toledo and Adrian College. All ages and all levels are welcome in the studio. I truly enjoy being able to see the growth of a student not only having fun musically but their new skills on the concepts of practice, performance and persistence for all things in life. Please read my trumpet lesson studio policies below. To learn more information about myself please visit my About Me page. I’ll look forward to hearing and seeing you.

1. Private lessons are given out of my home in 30 and 60 minute sessions.

2. Each student must own or rent their own instrument.

3. The entire month of scheduled lessons is paid for on the first lesson of the month.

4. You must notify me 24 hours in advance to cancel your lesson. If notified before, we will reschedule, otherwise no refund will be made pending emergency situations.

5. Student will always be prepared with all materials present; instrument, mouthpiece, metronome, all assigned music and assignment book.

6. Listening to trumpet music is a must.

7. Student will document time spent on practice and on listening materials.

8. Horn must be in good working condition with all valves and slides moving freely.

9. Please contact me for all rates and any more questions.